Can Ripple Be Mined?

Unlike other crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ripple mining isn’t possible. The only ones who can produce XRP is the creators. There have only been 100 billion XRP coins that have been released at this point in time, while every transaction eliminates the XRP used. Once used, further use of XRP is impossible.

Raising its value, XRP is gradually exhausted the more people use the Ripple network. Since Ripple mining is impossible, your only option is to look for exchanges of other crypto currencies, and mine them. This way you can get your hands on XRP without paying the for the Ripple process separately. Many people have invested in XRP due to its gradual value increase and sophisticated structure.

Creating Ripple

Creators Jed McCaleb & Chris Larsen first released Ripple in 2012, which ran on a proof of work consensus algorithm. It is intended to offer instant and secure financial transactions worldwide, with zero cost. It is a payment network that the Ripple payment protocol powers. Built on a similar structure as Bitcoin, the major difference is in the technology.

The currency exchange for XRP is $0.314 per 1 XRP. With the value constantly increasing, it is important to invest while it is still low to get the most gain for what you put into it. If you are looking for a solid crypto currency with increasing gain and secure transactions, Ripple is ideal. It is considered to be superior to other crypto currency.