Bitcoin Gambling #1 Guide & FAQ

Bitcoin, as a decentralized virtual currency, is available across the world. It is a digital money system, meaning you should not expect tangible tenders such as coins or notes. Trading of Bitcoin happens through BTC exchanges while its storage is in wallets. To understand the Bitcoin wallets, think of a bank account.

The money stored inside there is usable in different ways. You can send it to other people with a wallet or use it to purchase goods. However, unlike money in a bank account, you cannot physically withdraw this currency. However, you convert it into a fiat currency. Therefore, to withdraw Bitcoins, you have to exchange with maybe the Canadian dollar, US dollar, or Euro.

As above-mentioned, this digital currency is decentralized. Therefore, there is no public authority monitoring the processes and transactions. In the regular money, the governments have control through institutions such as the central bank.

For the sake of Bitcoin, users need to access a system that registers all transactions. The system is known as the blockchain. It is advantageous in that it brings about anonymity and transparency in the use of this crypto. It won’t be wrong to attribute the success of BTC to the two characteristics. Besides, it is the same reason behind the adoption of Bitcoin in online gambling. Punters don’t want anyone to have details on the amount of money they hold.

Before the beginning of 2018, a single BTC was almost sold at $20,000. Interestingly, nowadays, you can purchase almost anything online using this digital currency. The online gambling industry has never been left behind. It has gone a step ahead to adopt Bitcoin.

There are several reasons why BTC is suitable for online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms among other cryptocurrencies. This article will give you all information regarding BTC casinos and the frequently asked questions on the same.

Bitcoin Gambling Sites

As Bitcoin gained popularity in the gambling industry, the first casinos like BitStarz and PlayAmo Casino were free from complex features. They used to offers casino games that are easy to create. However, things have changed over time.

Today, you come across so many Bitcoin casinos. It is possible to stake in almost any sport with this digital currency and get various gambling options.

Online Casinos with Bitcoin

Today some so many online casinos accept Bitcoin. It is possible to play games from reputable developers such as NetEnt, Wazdan, and Microgaming. Besides, some Bitcoin-only casinos provide their sports.

There are poker operators who provide both Bitcoins and the other payment options. Others exclusively operate with digital currencies. You can as well find bingo websites that use BTC.

Provably Fair Gambling

Provably fair gambling is part of the blockchain. It proves fair play for every deal, round, or anything that relates to betting. Bitcoin allows operators to develop provably fair games. Implementation of this approach is a guarantee to gamblers that all the deals are honest.

Hybrids vs. Bitcoin-Only Casinos

There are two categories of Bitcoin betting operators. Some only work with cryptocurrencies. The other category includes the Bitcoin gambling operators known as hybrids, including Bitcoin, amongst its payment options.

Hybrids are reputable, and the quality of service is known. They have been in the market for a long, have a license, and have improved their systems for years. They have a polished platform and gameplay. Hybrids include bookies, poker sites, and casinos that have been operating for years. Their payment options included the likes of bank transfers, debit, and credit cards. but with the introduction of the digital currencies, they went ahead to incorporate it amongst their other options

BTC-only operators are relatively new to the market. Of course, these operators began operations after the invention of the cryptocurrency. But they are advantageous in that they offer all the finest things a gambler could get from Bitcoin. Probably, it is because they solely focus on this digital currency.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling

There are several benefits of Bitcoin Gambling.

  • Privacy

There is an aspect of anonymity when gambling with Bitcoins. It is helpful to gamblers in countries that do not allow gambling.

  • Speed

Comparing to the conventional payment methods, transactions with Bitcoin are relatively quick.

  • Cheap

A transaction using Bitcoins is cheap. You can consider transaction fees non-existent since operators usually cater to them.

  • Promotions

Bitcoin users are subject to some of the most lucrative bonuses. The amount of additional cash that you pocket is higher than when gambling with fiat currencies.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Gambling

There are some downsides too.

  • Volatility

The price of this digital currency keeps fluctuating. Therefore, there is a lot of uncertainty if you use Bitcoin.

  • It is less friendly to users.

Bitcoin exchanges might be challenging, especially if you are not a tech guru.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bet on professional Sports?

You can use Bitcoins to stake in any professional sport. It could be baseball, basketball, and football, among other top professional sports. The bottom line is that the sportsbook accepts this cryptocurrency.

What is Cold Storage?

Cold storage refers to the storage of the currency offline. Most of the bookies allow you to withdrawal your money on the spot. Additionally, most operators store the currency in cold storage as a safety measure if there is a security breach.

Is Bitcoin Legal?

The legalities of Bitcoin depend on your jurisdictions. Prosecution as a result of purchasing this cryptocurrency is unheard of. But it may not be easy to buy Bitcoins in some countries than others.

Is Bitcoin Anonymous?

The anonymity aspect in Bitcoins is more than in the use of other payment options such as credit cards. When sending this currency, you don’t have to feed your personal details. Besides, there are other ways to increase your privacy.

Are there taxes on gambling Bitcoins?

Although it is not a legal tender, some authorities impose taxes on Bitcoin. In case you are transacting with large amounts of Bitcoins, you should seek professional advice from a tax professional.

Can I reverse a transaction?

You cannot reverse a Blockchain network of Bitcoins. Additionally, if you make a transfer, you cannot cancel it. However, it is difficult to send it to the wrong address. But to be safe, you should always copy and paste all Bitcoin addresses when carrying out a transfer.


Sometimes back, very few people were aware of anything like digital currencies. Bitcoin was unheard of to a large population. Only techs and tech-savvy would have a clue about cryptos. However, today you cannot underestimate the impact of Bitcoin.

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