Diesel Emission Evaluation Program

CAMIRO Mining Division acted as the secretary and treasurer to the Diesel Emission Evaluation Program. The DEEP website is currently not in operation. However all files from the original DEEP website are accessible below.

DEEP Research

The Funded Research Projects:

  1. Biodiesel Fuel Project: 
  • DPM Sampling in High Sulfide Mine:
  • Statistical Comparison of DPM Sampling Methods:
  • Maintenance Impact on Diesel Emissions:
  • Light Duty Vehicles & DPM Exposures:
  • Review of DPM Control Strategies for U/G Mines:
  • INCO Particulate Filter Test:
  • Noranda Particulate Filter Test:
  • The Related Independent Projects:

    1. Impact of Low-Emission Diesel Engines on U/G Mine Air Quality:
  • Review of Technology Available to the U/G Mining Industry for Control of Diesel Emissions:
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Selection Guide:

    DEEP Technology

    DEEP Project Summaries:

    DPM Sampling Reports:

    Engine Maintenance Manuals: