Consider the Benefits of CAMIRO Membership for Your organization

As a member of Canada's mining community, you will gain immediate access to the current technical knowledge base, the staff's international networking capability, along with CAMIRO's expertise in literature search capability, to speed your acquisition of information. You can enjoy quick access to background in almost any field of industrial interest.

There are three divisions of corporate membership focus for qualified mining company membership candidates. Membership in CAMIRO is restricted to mining companies and others with an interest in Canada's mineral industry.  The three divisions in mining research include:

Each division may operate independently of each other, however, through shared communication, members are able to see and understand each other's pinch points' and to discover potential shared solutions to these problems. 

What appeals most to CAMIRO's sustaining members is the benefit of a non-sales interface for meeting all industry members and offering solutions to mining's production performance issues and critical safety problems.  Another important benefit of membership is direct access to CAMIRO's Board of Directors, all volunteers, which gives members input to the executive level and control over all aspects of CAMIRO.

Put CAMIRO To Work on Your Problem Areas as a Collaborator, Innovator

By joining CAMIRO, you and your company are linked through CAMIRO's membership in the Ontario Mining Association, the Mining Association of Canada and the newly formed Canadian Mining Innovation Council to the global mining research network. CAMIRO's 35-plus years in mining-specific research initiatives and leadership roles in innovation has afforded CAMIRO a well-honed, world-wide network of sourcing contacts for research information that puts almost anyone in the domestic and global mining industry within access.

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