CanmetMining, a division of Natural Resources Canada, is a world class leader in the development and deployment of green mining science and technologies.

Much of CanemtMINING's research is done in partnership with industry, provincial governments, other federal departments, universities and international agencies. These activities cover a broad range of in-house research and contracting-out on a cost-shared, task-shared or cost-recovery basis.

CanmetMINING offers opportunities in many current fields of interest, including R&D consortia, personnel interchanges, simulation software and modelling, technical assessments and field trials, standards, and technology transfer. Clients include mining and mineral processing companies, environmental and engineering consultants, and government agencies.

CanmetMining conducts R&D on a wide range of processes and technologies involved in extracting ore from the ground and transforming it into a concentrate, mineral product or metal. Research activities include the development and assessment of long-term, scientifically sound and sustainable options for the disposal, management and rehabilitation of mine wastes, including tailings, waste rock and treatment sludge as well as the improvement of mine workers' health and safety.