Proposal 195: Quantitative Application of Metamorphic Mineral Chemistry to Mapping and Drill Targeting of Hydrothermal Systems and Ore Targets

  • Investigators: Doug Tinkham (Laurentian University), Paul Spry (Iowa State University),
  • Total value: To be determined
  • Constrained field studies to relate laboratory-based physical constraints on mineral stability to field settings. Define far field effects around mineral deposits as guide to exploration targeting.
  • Approached by Tinkham 2009; Develop in 2010-2012; Limited interest; needs for companies that work in specific high grade metamorphic terranes

Proposal 197: Multi-media Techniques for Direct Detection of Covered Sandstone-hosted Uranium Deposits  (Circulated Oct 2011- Oct 2012)

  • Investigators: Dave Seneshen (Vista Geoscience), Colin Dunn, Gwendy Hall, Graeme Bonham-Carter, Helen Waldron
  • Total Value: $300,000
  • One to two gridded sample sites to test methods over buried REDOX fronts and low grade uranium deposits over two sampling seasons (2013-2014)
  • Support by 4 to 6 companies

Proposal 199: Volterra GeoImaging System: Full Development and Field Testing

  • Investigators: SJ Geophysics
  • Total Value: $670,000
  • Development of a cable free distributed array system for ground to borehole; for lighter weight, more efficient surveys
  • Flexibility for IP, CSAMT, MT, EM. Magnetics
  • Technically interesting to industry as a breakthrough, 3 to 4 companies will test system 

Proposal 201: Multi-component Exploration Geophysics Technology Development

  • Investigators: Mineral Exploration Geophysics Group (MEGG) at Memorial University
  • Total Value: $500,000
  • Pre-proposal for indication of interest for 2013-2014
  • Numerical modelling, 3D Joint Inversions of gravity and seismic travel time, seismic field methods, physical analogs
  • Significant university-based advanced geophysics initiative for practical application of exploration data

Proposals Being Circulated

  • Proposal 163: The chemical composition of iron oxides in various deposit types: Development of an exploration indicator mineral tool.
  • Proposal 164 Iron oxide copper-gold systems: Alteration and fluid chemistry as a guide to economic target selection
  • Proposal 167 Vector Magnetic Mapping
  • Proposal 169 Structural & Stratigraphic Modeling for District-scale 3D Mineral Exploration
  • Proposal 170 Development of a Relational Rock Property Database Phase 2

Proposals Under Development

  • Proposal 159 Transfer of Software Technology from the Geospatial Industries and Development of Extension Modules for Geoscience
  • Proposal 166 Application of water and gas chemistry to exploration via water wells, streams and lakes: Case studies from kimberlites, gold, Cu-Ni-PGE in mafic-ultramafic terranes
  • Proposal 171 Direct Detection of Buried Ore Types: Biogeochemistry of Subsurface Ore Rock, Gas Products, Controls on Metal Transport and Surface Anomaly Development
  • Proposal 172 Development of a Low-cost TEM Receiver for Distributive Arrays
  • Proposal 173 Testing the Suitability of Pb Isotopes as an Exploration Tool for Ni-Cu-PGM Mineralization
  • Proposal 174 Geological Tomography Using Cosmic Rays
  • Proposal: Geochemical Modeling for the Unconformity Uranium Model
  • Proposal: NeoArchean Tectonics and Metallogeny
  • Proposal: Pulse of the Earth: Short-lived Mantle Magmatic Events
  • Proposal: Deep Imaging 1 to 2 km: Magnetotellurics, Controlled Audio Magnetotellurics and Resistivity: Application to profiling variable targets/geologic features in mineral districts
  • Proposal: Spectral Library for Remote Mapping of Partially covered terrains - temperate to boreal
  • Proposal: Geochemistry of shales & exhalites in volcano-sedimentary basins: vector tool to hydrothermal centres
  • Proposal: Comparable Multi-Element Geochemistry of Ore/Host of Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE Sulphide Deposits
  • Proposal: Integrated Surficial Geochemical Surveys of the Athabaska Basin for Direct Detection of Uranium Deposits
  • Proposal: Predictive Modeling and Targeting of Gold Systems in the Superior Province