Ongoing Projects

08E03 Robust Paleocontinental Reconstructions Using Age Dating of the Large Igneous Province Record

  • Total value: $ 2 million
  • Investigators: Richard Ernst (Consultant), Wouter Bleeker (GSC), Mike Hamilton (Uof Toronto), Ulf Soderlund (Lund University, Sweden), Paul Sylvester (Memorial U), Kevin Chamberlain (U Wyoming), Sergei Pisarevsky (U Western Australia), Malcolm Ross (Shell Oil / PaleoGIS)
  • Sponsored by 6 companies (Anglo American, Gold Fields, MMG, Norwest Rotors, Shell, Vale)
  • 250 U-Pb dates on world-wide mafic intrusions / dikes; interpretations; ‘PaleoGIS’ reconstructions from unique Paleogeographic software
  • Start-up March 2009, Planned completion 2015 

08E04  Geochemistry of Shales and Exhalatives as Vectors to Ore

  • Total value $ 500,000
  • Investigators: Mark Hannington (U Ottawa), Thomas Monecke (Colorado School of Mines), Dan Layton Matthews (Queens U), Jan Peter, Wayne Goodfellow (GSC), Steve Piercey (Memorial U), Bruce Gemmell (CODES/ U Tasmania)
  • Sponsored by 7 companies:(Barrick, Hecla Mining, Hudbay Minerals, Teck, UrEnergy, Selwyn Resources, Actlabs, MMG, First Quantum Minerals)
  • Geochemical databases from mineral districts world wide; research studies from 5+ selected study areas for U, Au, Base Metals, Barren shale basin
  • Startup 2009; Completion planned for 2014