Exploration Division

CAMIRO - Exploration Division has managed exploration related research projects over the past 16 years. Thirty-two projects for a total of $17 million have averaged a leverage of 20:1 with an administrative overhead of 10% on industry contributions. The projects have connected resource-development-oriented Canadian research funds for applied science with universities and entrepreneurial research service firms.

Our planning structure operates by the Director of Research Development interacting with committees of industry and university experts in geophysics, geochemistry and geology to solicit and develop relevant and timely high-calibre scientific projects. The Director consults and plans business with the Division Chair and reports annually to a Committee of Members and ex-Officio representatives of the Division and the CAMIRO Board of Directors. The finances and business of the Division are annually audited during the first quarter of the year.

Above pages summarize the past projects and details of the recent projects.

If you have any questions, would like to participate in one or several of our projects or have co-operative research ideas, please contact:

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Tom Lane, Director, Research Development
CAMIRO - Exploration Division
PO Box 70684, 2938 Dundas Street
Toronto, ON M6P 1Y0
Phone: 1-416-604-3711
Email: tom.lane@sympatico.ca